Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Folsom St. Fair

I love my city! - every year at this time thousands of tourists get off their planes at SFO with suitcases full of leather, jock straps, plushy outfits, doggy masks and push up bra's to take part in the biggest outdoor leather/fetish fair in the world.  They mingle with all of the other tourists; unsuspecting families from the mid-west, business people and foreigners who undoubtedly know of San Francisco's reputation but have no idea that this past weekend was the high-holy-day of fetish.  SO, they get on the buses and subways to go sight seeing and they are surrounded by wonderful freaks of all kinds. It makes me laugh and feel bad for them at the same time; they clutch their children or shield their eyes - "Mommy, I can see that man's butt!" 

I don't normally bring my camera (I prefer to participate) but I thought I'd go out later in the day to capture some the 'tamer' side of the fair...

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